Q1. Do your communication products work with the latest 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows?

A1. The version 9.0 of AlphaLAN++, STEP++ and SecureLiTE products have been tested with the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows (including Windows 7/8/8.1). Starting January 1, 2019, all our products are being sold on ‘AS Is’ basis. You may download them free on a 30-day evaluation basis. Licenses once purchased may not be returned for refunds. Please see the Support NOTE  in the Support section. 

Q2. Where can I find detailed documentation about various functions offered by your communication products?

A2. These products offer “html help”. When these products are running on your Windows desktop, go to help, contents to get the complete documentation.

Q3. What product is best for my needs, AlphaLAN++, STEP++, or SecureLiTE?

A3. All three products offer Terminal Emulation, file transfer, and printing to PC printers.  AlphaLAN++ offers convenient “native” file transfer commands (CPC and CPU (CALF)) and require you to install the ‘host side software’ on your Unix & AMOS systems. For AMOS hosts, AlphaLAN++ offers an “ALP” device allowing you to setup your PC printer as an “AMOS Spooler” so that you may conveniently print to your PC printer as if it was a printer on your AMOS host. The AlphaLAN++ product is suitable for VARs, Dealers and those end-users who have access to the host computer and are able to install the host side software of AlphaLAN++.

STEP++ offers all functions (except the “native” file transfers, and AMOS ALP device) supported by AlphaLAN++ but does NOT require you to install any software on your host computer. The installation is simple and quick. This product is suitable for everyone, end-users, VARs, and Dealers. It is the most popular product in our series of terminal emulation products. 

Both STEP++ and AlphaLAN++ include FREE 30-day telephonic support.

SecureLiTE is a low-cost, entry level product for users who have Internet access. SecureLiTE offers ALL features of STEP++. The technical support for SecureLiTE is available by email only. This product is suitable for end-users with access to Internet who do not need telephone support.

Q4. I have already downloaded a copy of the software for 30-day evaluation. How can I purchase a license for the software and how do we activate it?

A4. You may purchase the license by contacting us by email/phone/fax to place your order or visiting the ‘Contact Us‘ page. After processing your order, you will receive a serial number and an activation key. Go to Help, Enter License Information and enter this information.

Q5. After purchasing the license, when I try to enter the serial number and activation key to activate my demo copy, I get the “Install Error 101” message. How can I fix this problem and activate my demo software?

A5. This may be due to the “Permission” issues related to writing to Windows Registry. Please do the Right click on our application’s icon on your desktop and then select “Run as Administrator“. This would allow you to install the license code without the above error.