All products work with both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows.

Notice to close this web-site and the business: 

After 33 years of being in this business, we shall be finally closing this web site and the business on June 30, 2020. We recommend that you save a copy of the downloaded software and keep it with you in case you have to re-install our software in the future.

In the mean time we shall continue to sell all our products on ‘AS Is‘ basis. You may download them for free on a 30-day evaluation basis. Licenses once purchased may not be returned for refunds. 

Support NOTE for all users (January 1, 2019):

While our products work with existing versions of Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) including Windows 10, we are no longer supporting our Products. They are being sold on ‘As Is’ basis for the use of existing customers on current versions of Windows and on currently supported versions of Telnet and SSH protocols. No further enhancements and fixes are planned for these products to make them compatible with future enhancements and future versions of Windows operating systems, network protocols such as Telnet and SSH, host operating systems such as Linux/Unix.

Support NOTE for Windows 10 users:

If you do NOT see our application window when you start it under newer Windows 10 operating systems, you will need to change the FONT being used by our Application from “UA” family to a standard font such as “Lucida Console” or “Courier New”. To do so, please go to Settings/Screen/Font Tab.
1.  Change from “Font Based on Window” to “Preselected Font”. Then, click on “Choose Font” button. Under the “Font” heading, scroll up to select to a non-UA font, say, Lucida Console. Click on OK button. Click on OK button on the Font Tab to exit the screen menu. The application window will resize.
2. Now go back to Settings/Screen/Font Tab. Change from “Preselected Font” to “Font Based on Window”. Click on OK button on the Font Tab to exit the screen menu. The application window may resize once again.
3. Finally, go to “Session” menu and click on “Save”. Then close the application window.
Now double click on our application icon to restart it. You would be able to see the screen now.