U. A . SYSTEMS is the leader in offering PC connectivity products. These connectivity products offer Terminal  Emulation, File Transfers, printing from the Unix and AMOS hosts to PC printers. TELNET, FTP and SSH protocols are supported by these products.  We offer the following 3 products to suit your needs and budget.

Notice to close this web-site and the business: 

After 33 years of being in this business, we shall be finally closing this web site and the business on June 30, 2020. We recommend that you save a copy of the downloaded software and keep it with you in case you have to re-install our software in the future.

In the mean time we shall continue to sell all our products on ‘AS Is‘ basis. You may download them for free on a 30-day evaluation basis. Licenses once purchased may not be returned for refunds. Please see the Support NOTE  in the Support section. 

  1. SecureLiTE  (Secure Lightening fast Terminal Emulator)
  2. STEP++ (Smart Terminal  Emulation Program)
  3. AlphaLAN++  (the full feature connectivity program for SCOUnix/Linux/AIX and AMOS hosts).

SecureLiTE is an entry-level, low cost, full feature Terminal Emulation program. 30-Day FREE Support for this low-cost product is available only through e-mail. STEP++ provides the same features but 30-Day FREE support is available both through e-mail and phone. AlphaLAN++ offers File Transfer and printing features and requires an installation of the software on your host as well.