Advanced and exact Terminal Emulation for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows! Notice to close this web-site and the business:  After 33 years of being in this business, we shall be finally closing this web site and the business on June 30, 2020. We recommend that you save a copy of the downloaded software and keep it with you in case you have to re-install our software in the future. In the mean time we shall continue to sell all our products on 'AS Is' basis. You may download them for free on a 30-day evaluation basis. Licenses once purchased may not be returned for refunds.

Advanced Terminal Emulation for WYSE 50/100/150/350, WYSE 60, VT 100/52, VT 220/320/400/420, ANSI, IBM 3151/3161, TVI 925/950/955, ADDS VP A2/60, AM 62A/62C/65/70, Esprit III color, WYCOL (MetropoliS Color) Terminals. Our emulations are exact, offer advance features of these terminals, are lightening fast. Try it FREE now.

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Product Features

Three different products to suit every budget, SecureLiTE, STEP++ and AlphaLAN++. Starts at $99.99/license.

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Download Free!

You may download fully functional copy of the Terminal Emulation software for a 30-day trial completely FREE before making your purchase.

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Technical Support

See the features in the latest release, visit FAQ area and more.

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Purchase the software

Price breaks are available for 5-pack/10-pack/25-pack licenses. Contact us at 888-756-9494 for prices and placing your order.